Honors & Rewards

Since 2018 we have recieved...

Seeking Purpose Award - 2019
Order of Omega Award for Academic Excellence - Spring 2019
2019 Outstanding Chapter President - John Crumpler
Vice President of Campus Life Award - 2019
Order of Omega Award for Academic Excellence - Spring 2020
Intellectual Advancement Award - 2020

Current Officers

President (High Alpha): Lucas Minas

Internal Vice President (High Beta): Will Florence

External Vice President (High Theta): Victor Ringheanu

Secretary (High Gamma): Bobby Stratta

Treasurer (High Tau): Sam Sweitzer

Risk Management (High Iota): Jack Higinbothom

Fraternity Education (High Kappa): Jeremy Dallas

Recruitment (High Delta): Jack Malloy, Grayson HillBen Lane

Ritualist (High Phi): Rhys Rocher

Scholarship (High Sigma): Steven Niepa

Social Coordinator (High Epsilon): John ManosSam Signorelli

Alumni Relations (High Rho): Connor Smith

Standards: Sam Greenberg

Chapter Status

Hello Brothers,

As the new academic year begins, our chapter feels very hopeful and optimistic to have an almost "normal" year as many of Wake Forest’s COVID-19 social regulations have been lifted. Our lounge is once again open, many juniors are able to study abroad, and we are thrilled to attend classes in-person! Last year we had to hold our chapter recruiting events virtually, but luckily, the recruitment process will be conducted in person once again. Many of us are very excited for football season and are looking forward to attending games in the stands! Should be a great year!


Lucas Minas