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Fraternity Membership

Recruitment is one of the most important aspects of a fraternity. The very nature of our organization dictates that members are men who uphold the principles and ideals of our brotherhood. The Theta Tau chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha is no different from other campus fraternities in this respect. However, we do differ in the form that our bond of brotherhood takes. The members of our chapter enjoy a bond that transcends what you may find in most other clubs and organizations. Because we don't want to see that bond weakened, we must be selective in our recruitment. We are looking to attract the highest-caliber men that Wake Forest University has to offer.


High Alpha

John Crumpler

(678) 938-9981

High Beta

 Josh Cohen

(703) 915-4829

High Gamma

Mike Klausner 

(443) 465-3523

High Delta

Lucas Minas

(617) 800-6508?

Will Florence

(214) 850-5635?

High Epsilon

Garret Fisch

(336) 575-9093?

High Theta

Robert Charles

(561) 310-9188?

High Sigma

Cal Morrison

(925) 286-5342

High Iota

John Fresco

(732) 713-8636

High Kappa

Sam Golden

(732) 687-5441

High Rho

Charlie Doran

(609) 613-8622

High Rho

Patrick Ramey

(423) 838-1353

High Tau

Ben Neugebauer

(203) 258-1621

Alumni Perspective on the Importance of Lambda Chi Membership

Why was Lambda Chi important to me in 1965 and even today in my retirement years? I list the following reasons to answer the question:

First, active brothers continue to emphasize the motto: NAUGHT WITHOUT LABOR. Such a practice will assure a brother's success at Wake and in life.

Second, in 1965, there was an emphasis on good grades. This emphasis continues today. In fact, Theta Tau continues to lead all the on-campus Greeks in grade point average. These high grades spell future job search success for brothers. Also, who can ever forget how fellow brothers are always there to help a brother with a tough subject?

Third, Lambda Chi creates instant friendships that will become life-long brothers and usually future contacts for the job market.

Fourth, the fraternity provides great social opportunities. Brothers develop close personal friendships through the fraternity projects on and off campus. These projects, as well as tailgate parties, create a strong sense of camaraderie.

Fifth, Lambda Chi emphasizes the development of leadership skills. During my time at Wake, my brothers occupied key campus positions of leadership in campus organizations. Today the present brothers continue to hold down significant campus leadership in some of those same organizations.

Fellow brothers, what are some of your more memorable days as a Lambda Chi? Consider writing some of them down and sending them to Theta Tau Alumni Association for future Taukers.
John Y. Dockery, '65
T.T.A.A. Secretary

Safety within the Fraternity

The Theta Tau chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, takes its responsibilities as a campus organization seriously. That is why we comply with Wake Forest University policies and state and local laws.


We make every effort to use alcohol responsibly and according to University policies and state laws. All of our formal recruitment events are dry.


Horror stories abound about what some college men are forced to do while pledging for fraternity membership. Although hazing is portrayed in a funny light in movies such as Animal House, the truth is that hazing is illegal and hazardous, not to mention extremely detrimental to fraternity membership. As such, Lambda Chi Alpha does not haze.

How is "hazing" defined? Our definition is by far the broadest — hazing is "any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce physical discomfort or mental discomfort by embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule." The associate members of our brotherhood are treated with the same dignity and respect that each brother shows to one another.